In a far-distant future, the survival of Earth and all the planets of the Allied Systems will depend on Stef Astra, the half-breed offspring of an infamous Ironstar and her sentient battlesuit.

Exiled from her homeworld to the Outer Colonies, it is hoped by many in power that Stef will meet her end at the hands of the Digital Men. Ironstars and Federal Marines have fallen by the score to that army of robotic invaders from the Fringe, and the galactic government is having trouble keeping the war a secret from those on the core planets any longer.

Following the destruction of her transport, Stef will fight alone, with only two stoned robots and the last of the legendary Friend Ships to aid her.

Arrayed against this tiny band are the mechanical hordes of the Digital Men and their master, the malicious ancient cyborg Tholan Vekk.

Ironstar is Copyright © Chris Wichtendahl & Sean Tiffany