Heir to the High Queen

One hundred years after the events of Monarch Rising, all is not well in Amorlia. In the final book of the Amorlia trilogy, Champion Kel Vega seeks to fill the void left by his dead father, though a paramilitary organization known as the Pacifica and his mother's growing animosity make that difficult.

It is also a time of political change, as Artemis Vega faces her first real challenge for the the throne from powerful industrialist Mar Dagnae and the charismatic religious leader Jat Loren.

Following an embarrassing failure, Kel will be cast out of his mother's palace, sent to wander the length and breadth of Amorlia, gathering allies and enemies along the way.

When disaster threatens his world and all reality itself appears ready to crumble, will Kel and his band of heroes be up to the task, or will the Age of Wonder come to a premature and very final end?

The Amorlia Trilogy
Princess in Exile Monarch Rising Heir to the
High Queen

Heir to the High Queen is Copyright © Chris Wichtendahl