Doris Daring, Star Captain of the Spaceways

Thrill to the the strange adventures of Captain Doris Daring, hotshot pilot Dash Watson, lethal weapons master Clint Walker, his brother Rick (a troubled genius) and the alluring robot Automata.

As they make their way across the cosmos, Doris and her crew meet the last of an order of intergalactic superbeings, ancient aliens, a race of hi-tech bird-women and plenty of other surprises, including one they thought they'd left far behind them. Facing down external threats and their own internal demons, this crew of explorers race from one end of the galaxy to the other, desperately seeking something to save their world from an ever-growing tyranny.

The first few chapters are available as a free preview and you can check out the book trailer, produced by Grey Sky Films, for a look at more artwork and some blather from the very chatty author.

Doris Daring, Star Captain of the Spaceways is illustrated by the incredibly talented Kim Scoulios.

Doris Daring, Star Captain of the Spaceways is Copyright © Chris Wichtendahl & Kim Scoulios